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Elomech Elektroanlagen: solid complexity.

Electrical systems are complex. With us, you can be sure that we have mastered this complexity in style. With rock-solid craftsmanship in collaboration with engineering expertise.

Das Karriereportal der Elomech-Gruppe

Apply now: careers at the Elomech GroupIf you have big goals and would like to take advantage of the opportunities, Elomech Elektroanlagen is the right choice. Our new career portal provides a detailed overview of the available opportunities.

Zertifizierungen by elomech elektroanlagen

Certificates: demonstrating continuous improvement.

Quality, environment, occupational safety, fire detection systems: our certificates document sustainable improvements in what we do.

Zufriedene Kunden der Elomech Elektroanlagen

Satisfied clients are good clients.

Only satisfied clients are good clients. That is why we make every effort to satisfy you and regularly ask if you are satisfied.

Your expert for professional electrical engineering: Elomech.

Electrical systems are complex. With us, you can be sure that we master this complexity on a large scale, as we are one of the leading companies in the fields of automation, communications, networks, security, high-voltage power, and IT services. The basis for this is rock-solid craftsmanship paired with engineering expertise and independent consulting for every manufacturer's products.

maxCologne Referenz by Elomech Elektroanlagen

We take real pride in completing one of our largest projects ever: maxCologne.

600 km of data cable, 425 km of NYM lines, 9,500 IT connections, 6,800 project-specific LED lights, and 165 binders of final documentation are numbers that speak for themselves. And for our work.

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Multiple awards

In the second half of 2019, the ELOMECH-Gruppe again received an award for its dealings with its employees. We were awarded the titles "Germany's best employer"; and "Best company for families". Numerous companies were compared for the studies on the basis of questionnaires that survey company values such as working climate, working conditions, family friendliness, sustainability and profitability in detail. As last year, we achieved the highest rating in ELTERN magazine with 5 out of 5 stars as a family-friendly company. The award of the F. A. Z. Institute as a sought-after employer is new for us. Here we landed in the first attempt with 70 of 100 points on place 6.

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31 new apprentices

The ELOMECH-Gruppe starts the new training year with 31 apprentices. On August 1, they were welcomed to the new training center at the headquarters in Mülheim. In the next two weeks there will be a lot of exciting things to learn for the trainees. In addition to the correct handling of tools, the first practical experience in drilling and scaffolding training, the focus is naturally on safety. We are happy about how inquisitive our trainees are and how well everything is going in the ELOTechnikum.

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volksbund bund - by elomech elektroanlagen

Structure and security in terms of new construction: Volkswohl Bund Versicherung.

We were hired to design the network infrastructure and the entire security systems for an administrative building housing 500+ employees. We're proud of both.

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