Leistungsbereiche by Elomech Elektroanlagen

Tailor-made solutions from a single source are not only future-oriented and efficient for us. But also self-evident.

Whatever you need us to handle, we always work to ensure your complete satisfaction. We work with our partners to create a team dedicated to excellence. The resulting synergies ensure the optimal integration of different systems and plants. In other words, technologies are growing together.


The service spectrum of Elomech electrical systems are divided into the fields of automation, communications technology, networks, security technology, power current and IT services. This way, we deliver solutions that clearly stand out from our competitors that offer decisive competitive advantages for our clients as well as for our partners:


  • High employee qualifications and training standards
  • Strong identification of our employees with the company and its mission
  • Strict client orientation with a single point of contact for all project-related questions
  • Regular monitoring of client satisfaction
  • Owner-managed
  • Core competencies are exclusively provided by employees of Elomech
  • The sales share of long-standing and thus satisfied clients has been over 85%
  • Regular certifications confirm the professional management of the company from a neutral point of view (TÜV CERT certificate according to DIN EN ISO 9001, TÜV certificate according to DIN EN ISO 14001, TÜV CERT certificate according to DIN 14675, TÜV CERT certificate according to OHSAS 18001)