maxCologne by Elomech

We take real pride in completing one of our largest projects ever: maxCologne.

600 km of data cable, 425 km of NYM lines, 9,500 IT connections, 6,800 project-specific LED lights, and 165 final document folders are numbers that speak for themselves. And for our work with one of the biggest projects that Elomech has ever completed: maxCologne.



The starting point for the project with a contract volume of 14 million euros fell in 2011 - with the order for the office complex maxCologne at the Cologne-Deutz bridge. The former Lufthansa head office was to be completely renovated in the areas of power and information technology.


Das neue IT-Netzwerk des maxCologne by ELomech Elektroanlagen GmbH


One project, two tenants, three areas: The task was to build a modern, functioning, energy-efficient and DGNB-compliant office building for the two large tenants Lanxess and Görg - in three parts, namely "tower block" (22 levels), "base" (3 levels), and "cross-wing building" (10 levels). That included the preparation of construction-related execution planning taking into account all project-specific requirements with subsequent assembly planning. The specialty chemicals company Lanxess had a particularly demanding requirement for the lighting of its office spaces and corridor areas in the tower block. A standard solution was out of the question here, so that a project-specific LED luminaire was developed in close cooperation with the luminaire manufacturer Tobia Grau, who produced a quantity of 6,800. A shining example of a solution-oriented modus operandi of Eloprojekt GmbH.



Abschluss eines der größten Projekte: das maxCologne by Elomech Elektroanlagen
Das moderne Gebäude des maxColognes by Elomech Elektroanlagen


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