Neubau Hauptverwaltung in Dortmund - by Elomech Elektroanlagen GmbH

Volkswohl Bund Versicherung: Construction of head office in Dortmund.

As a service provider with almost 100 years of history, Volkswohl Bund Versicherungen is  one of the largest insurance brokerage firms in Germany. Construction of the new head office in Dortmund began in May 2009. It was planned to be a new administrative building for more than 500 employees that would use sustainable geothermal energy and the latest state-of-the-art technology.


Structure and security for new construction.

Elomech Elektrotechnik GmbH was hired to set up the network infrastructure, including data centres, as well as the entire security technology consisting of a fire alarm system, BOS radio system, burglar alarm system, and access control system. We were also tasked with creating  the acoustic/optical design for the meeting rooms and hospitality areas and the creation of a modern video surveillance and intercom systems. After the completion of this €1.5m project in February 2011, our work was still far from being over because we were then hired to maintain the fire alarm system and building communications systems. A job we continue to handle.



Neubau Hauptverwaltung in Dortmund - by Elomech Elektroanlagen
Volkswohl Bund Lebensversicherung in Dortmund by Elomech Elektroanlagen


It's all a question of technology: an overview of what we do.



A central unit with lift emergency call systems, call systems for the fire service lift, 7 IP video door intercoms, and IP video cameras. Visualisation and operation via a control centre at the reception.



Burglar Alarm


A full MB100 burglar alarm panel with 500 lines to monitor the exterior and individual interior doors.



Access Control


A Dorma access control system with 16 networked access panels to control access for a total of about 88 card readers and 31 electronic cylinders. A single card to operate access controls, act as a time clock, and control the alarm system.




Die neue Hauptverwaltung in Dortmund: Volkswohl Bund Lebensversicherung by Elomech Elektroanlagen



Fire Detection and Indoor Communication


The fire alarm system consists of 8 networked centres using the esserbus-plus technique with 457 detector groups, 794 automatic smoke detectors, 67 push-button alarms, 59 coupling modules, and 956 sirens. The extensive control matrix controls ventilation systems, fire dampers, smoke ventilation systems, lifts, SHE systems, BOS wireless, and fire extinguishing systems in the data centre. The BOS wireless system is redundant and ensures radio readiness throughout the building in case of fire.


Structured Cabling


Furnish the data centre with 21 network cabinets and 2 cold gear housings. 26 network cabinets with about 2,350 connections were installed on each individual floor to provide communications technology throughout the building. The connection of network cabinets was made redundant via fibre optic cables. In total, approx. 120 km of copper cables and 17 km of fibre optic cables were laid.


Antenna System


The media technology and parts of the boardroom are equipped with TV and radio programmes via a satellite dish and digital signal processing.


Media Technology


Equipment of conference rooms with high-quality projectors, screens, and sound systems. The devices, lighting scenarios, and blackouts are controlled via EIB gateways and media controllers, operated by a touch panel. The catering areas and the sports area have each been equipped with a high-quality public address system.

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